HEXHORN was brought to life in 2014 by Bene and Bila - the guitarist and the singer of Hegeroth respectively.

To be honest, HEXHORN was awaken much earlier than 2014. It was a dream project and a band coming back to the roots of death, thrash and heavy metal sound.

Inasmuch the musical shape had long been mapped out, the line-up had to be put together once again. Bila became the drummer and had to quit singing and along with Bene, the guitar player, they started working on new material. Soon, Resist - the singer previously known from Lavinium - joins the fold. He feels comfortably in near death metal context.

The new line-up records first few songs. The project draws everybody together and a willingness to rehearse in a stable line-up appears. In 2015 the line-up is completed by Fen, Hegeroth bass player, and Maziak, old Polish band Mortifer guitarist.

September 2015 sees the band commencing sessions for what is to become their debut album. Video for "Follow" is being recorded and it comes out in January 2016.

February the month of changes. Resist decided to left the band. Hexhorn decided to prepare brand new lyrics and vocal tracks with new vocalist. Old good friend Edward (Cult Ov Mora, ex-Hegeroth) joins tha band.

In April Edward is writing the lyrics and making arrangements to all of the tracks. April, May 2016 - we are finishing audio works and making video for track Suffering. June 2016 sees the release of the album entitled "Waking of Death" In August 2017 Fen leaves the band. Month later Miro (guitar) joins the band, at the same time Bene takes responsibility for bass. In 2018 we are working on new album "Before The End".

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